My First Wedding…

Lauren and Ryan’s wedding was filled with simple and beautiful details. From the entrance sign, to the picture of Lauren’s father on her bouquet, the wedding was unforgettable. The two lovebirds had genuine and loving smiles. I photographed as they played with their young nephew, as if they had all the time in the world.

I could see just how in love they were during the ceremony when Ryan looked at Lauren as if she was the only woman in the world. Lauren, a fellow UMass Alum, looked at Ryan as if she’d been waiting for this moment her whole life. The ceremony took place at the Brookmeadow country club in Canton, Massachusetts. It was my first wedding of many, now with many more under my belt I can say just how special it truly was. Some weddings are about the family, some are about the food and the reception, some are about the bride and her dress and her flowers, and some weddings: the best ones, are solely about the bride and groom and their love for one another.

Lauren and Ryan are best friends, and their love for one another was evident throughout the day. I wish them blessings in their marriage and happiness beyond belief! Congrats Lauren and Ryan Hourihan!!

Second shooter for Jess Sinatra Photo.




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