Learn my tips and tricks that will help you build your business from the ground up!

Hi love! It’s me, your new entrepreneurial gal pal and confidant on this journey towards building the business of your dreams!! I am here to help YOU expand your knowledge base when it comes to all the things you struggle with. A few examples of struggles that many entrepreneurs have includes automations, pricing, editing techniques, social media, and more!! If you have been dying to pick my brain on how I built my business, networked in the wedding world and expanded into the luxury market... here is your chance!!! 

Mentorships for Wedding Photographers

About Mentorships

This call is a 60-minute zoom meeting where you can pick my brain about all things photography, business and entrepreneurship!! Any questions you have are welcome and invited!!

Investing in a mentorship call is an incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth. As someone who is looking to advance in your career, it's essential to have a friend who can guide you through the challenges and complexities of the industry.
I provide you with invaluable insights, knowledge, and expertise that you may not have access to otherwise. I can help you understand the nuances of the industry, the current trends, and the best practices that will help you succeed.
Through this call, I provide you with personalized guidance and feedback on your specific career goals, challenges, and aspirations. I help you identify areas for improvement, provide constructive feedback, and guide you towards the best path forward. Also, You'll have the opportunity to develop and improve your skills and competencies through relevant courses, books, or resources that I suggest! 
Overall, investing in a mentorship call is an excellent way to accelerate your career growth, gain valuable insights and knowledge, and build a strong professional network!! So, if you're looking to take your career to the next level inquire below!!

The Mentorship Call - $250

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I'm Genevieve Photography, a wedding and elopement photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. I serve joyful, vibrant couples and specialize in timeless and classic photography.

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