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Hi love! It’s me, your new friend, confidant, wedding aficionado, and most importantly your new teammate. This wedding thing is pretty dang difficult and my job is to help make your wedding day the day of your dreams. I want nothing more than to be a loving, compassionate, and strong teammate while you take on this big and daunting yet beautiful and joy-filled adventure.

A bit about me:
My journey with media began in 5th grade when I started making videos with my (still to this day) best friend Anna. The videos were crazy and fun and fully encapsulated our childlike humor and joy. To this day, I pride myself in the ability to fill my work with that same excitement and passion that little Anna and Genevieve once had. 
I got my first camera in 6th grade and everyone could see that I was destined for storytelling. In my early years of telling stories, I shot mainly video. I still put so much emphasis on motion and candid storytelling, which I like to think comes from my video roots.  
In my sophomore year of college, I officially started Genevieve Photography. I photographed anyone that would get in front of my camera, and I was so dang proud to even make 10 bucks off of a photo session. I shot seniors and families and anything I could find, but after my first session with a couple, I knew I had found my niche. I have a huge love for romance. Yes, the cheesy, hallmark, predictable kind, BUT also the real, raw, and authentic romance that fills my job with endless joy. Frankly, I leave every wedding with an overflowing heart from the community I’ve gotten to befriend to the moments I’ve had the privilege of capturing. And for that reason, I am forever grateful to call this job mine. Your love story is why I’m here and I hope to get to hear it firsthand very soon!

Wedding & Elopement Photographer for the joy-filled romantics

About Me

  • I’m a reader through and through. Give me a thriller book and I’ll devour it in a night
  • I have a huge sweet tooth and I LOOOOVE S’mores IceCream
  • You can find me shopping at Abercrombie, Madewell, and Target of course
  •  The most important thing in my life is my devotion to Jesus! Faith, joy, and peace are of utmost importance to me!
  • My favorite romantic comedies include “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, “The Proposal”, and of course, “10 Things I Hate About you”
  • Milano cookies and a sweet note are the way to my heart

A few facts about me

One question you should ask yourself before hiring your photographer is …
“What kind of person do I want next to me on such an important day?”
Do you want someone calm when things get stressful or someone bubbly and ready to take action when it’s needed? I’d like to think that I have a way of being both for you! I’m both a de-stressor for those little moments of nervousness and a hype-gal for those moments where you want to feel beautiful, PLUS it’s always great to have an extra hand on the side that knows weddings inside and out. I’m your gal for pinning boutonnières, getting your bridal party laughing, and getting your crazy family in line for pictures as efficiently as possible.

It's the little things that truly set us apart.

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I'm Genevieve Photography, a wedding and elopement photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. I serve joyful, vibrant couples and specialize in timeless and classic photography.

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