A Classic and Elegant Boston, Seaport Engagement Session | Elisabeth and Charlie

Boston, Seaport Engagement Session

“He made me laugh all morning, and the rest is history”

Last week, I had a beautiful sunrise session at Fan Pier Park with Elisabeth and Charlie celebrating their engagement! They wanted photographs in Boston to celebrate their time spent here before their move to Denver. While I’m writing this, they are saying farewell to the city and embarking on a new chapter in their life. They met each other in the IT department when they both worked at Honda. Elisabeth thought he was a co-op student and first asked about how his internship was going. That became a long-running joke between the two! They hit it off right away, but they didn’t go on a date until a few months after that day when Charlie asked Elisabeth out for coffee. Elisabeth said “he made me laugh all morning, and the rest is history”. HOW cute is THAT.

Why Seaport?

The lovebirds chose the seaport location because their ideal date night is heading down to the Seaport District for some drinks, then walking over to the North End for some PASTA!! Of course, the best part of the night is going home to cuddle with their beagle. They also enjoy spending time with loved ones, exploring the outdoors, hiking with their doggo, trying new food spots, and Netflix marathons! The time I spent with these two was so special. I loved hearing about their time meeting at Honda, and their move to East Boston.


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