How to have the Perfect Plum Island Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Beach Engagement Session

Are you engaged and thinking about having a beach engagement shoot here in Massachusetts? First of all a huge congrats on your engagement!! What a beautiful, exciting moment and journey you will be on! Having an engagement photoshoot at the beach can be very fun and exciting, especially if you are planning on having a Plum Island beach engagement shoot! However, there are a few things that couples should know before their beach engagement photoshoot so that they can show up prepared and get the most out of their beach engagement photos. This blog will give you tips that will help you show up ready and excited for your beach engagement photos.



Boyfriend giving girlfriend a piggy back ride on Plum island beach, both smiling at one another

Think about where you want to shoot your photos!

What’s so great about Plum Island beach is that where ever you decide to explore there’s no doubt that your photos will turn out amazing! Plum Island beach is one of my favorite places to do engagement photoshoots for this exact reason! Plum Island has an assortment of natural surroundings from the beach itself to the boardwalk, rocky terrain, grass, and wooded areas. It’s the perfect location if you’re looking for the best of both worlds!

Not only that, but Plum Island beach has so much more to offer than just its natural surroundings. After running around on the beach and dipping your toes in the ocean you can bird watch at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Even go fishing, boating, or kayaking if you’re feeling adventurous! And last but not least, you can end your engagement shoot by visiting a restaurant that Plum Island has to offer.

The best time for beach engagement photos

I’m sure you’ve heard that “Golden Hour” is the best time for engagement photos or photos in general but I’m here to tell you that, that really depends on the type of aesthetic you are looking for your engagement photos! Golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. So if you are looking for warm and soft photos then this time is perfect for you.

If you’re anything like me and love a good sunset moment then you’ll love shooting at this time of day! I tend to shoot before and during golden hour as my style is clean, classic, and timeless and I love to edit tones to look wistful and warm and yet still earthy and grounded!



Engaged couple laughing and smiling at one another while they sit on the beach floor at Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot

What to wear for a beach engagement?

Color is a huge part of photography so it’s important to plan your outfits based on your engagement shoot location. I always like to recommend to my couples that the best outfit to wear for a beach engagement photoshoot is light-colored clothing! You always want to pick out outfits that suit the backdrop and at Plum island beach you’ll have rich hues of blues from the sky and ocean, a tan from the sand and wooded areas, and maybe a little greenery from the grass. Usually, light-colored clothing as well as neutral and earth tones are perfect for any engagement shoot.



Engaged couple smiling and laughing at one another on Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot

You don’t want your outfit to distract you from yourself! Oftentimes, a brighter color will reflect weird tones onto your skin. Neutral and earth-toned outfits make your photos truly POP (trust me!) If you’d like to add a pop of color, make sure it’s only one article of clothing between the both of you. You’ll also want to complement each other but dont match. Although matching can be cute, it’s generally best to pick outfits with the same vibe but that isn’t exactly the same. AND dont forget accessorizing and layering! If you opt for only one outfit during your session, use accessories and layers to change up your look! You can add on a hat, scarf, jacket, necklace, or whatever you want to switch it up at your session.




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Engaged couple holding hands while walking their dog on Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot

Last but not least, you’ll want to wear something flattering to your body shape! Wear clothes that make you feel confident, because if you’re confident, the better your photos will turn out!

Need ideas on where to shop? Here are a few of my favorite places! For dresses, I like to go to, Lulus, Free People, and Francesca’s. For women’s casual outfits, ASOS, Forever 21, Princess Polly. And for men’s causal outfits H&M!

Remember to have fun and be yourself!

Photoshoots can be nerve-racking but there’s no need to be! The best way to get rid of the nerves is to embrace your surroundings. Let your inner child run free, dip your toes in the water, splash the water at your partner, or jump all the way in! Have fun and let your goofiness shine. This will not only ease your nerves but it will give us some great action shots!

Plus, if you’re camera shy (which I’ll help you with, so no need to worry! I am always the hype woman in any scenario and my goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident during your session), you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable and natural when running around and playing with the water. I have a particular style of posing that creates candid laughs and movement that could never be captured on a phone. Candid shots are what I’m known for and love capturing!

Looking for a bubbly and genuine photographer who has a knack for making people feel comfortable and aiding in the smoothness of the day? Contact me through my website and see my packages to start!

Need more ideas and help on what to wear for your engagement session see more outfit guides for more!



Boyfriend grabbing girlfriend from behind while they laugh and smile on Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot


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Engaged couple holding hands on Plum island beach standing on the wet sand for their beach engagement photoshoot



Boyfriend grabbing girlfriend from behind while they laugh on Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot



Engaged couple walking their dog on Plum island beach for their beach engagement photoshoot



Engaged couple smiling and laughing at one another on Plum island beach



Engaged couple smiling and laughing while boyfriend holds girlfriends face sitting on the beach

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