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Lauren and Ryan’s wedding was filled with simple and beautiful details. From the entrance sign, to the picture of Lauren’s father on her bouquet, the wedding was unforgettable. The two lovebirds had genuine and loving smiles. I photographed as they played with their young nephew, as if they had all the time in the world.

My First Wedding…


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Sami and Tanner had a lovely engagement at the Boston Public Garden this Wednesday. They got sandwiches at Sam LaGrassa’s and then headed over to have a lil picnic by the water. They brought along their lovely newborn daughter Audrey. She was so petite and she was sleeping the ENTIRE engagement session. We brought her out for a few photos and in those photos you can see what a sweet family they all are.

Public Garden Proposal…


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When you book with me, you get a fun and genuine photographer who has a knack for making people feel comfortable and aiding in the smoothness of the day. With me, you have a wedding professional that has experienced any and all types of wedding days and can take charge when it comes to aligning your desires to how the day will look. When you choose me as your photographer you’re choosing a friend, confidant, AND beautiful photography that will last forever.
I have a particular style of posing that creates candid laughs and movement that could never be captured on a phone. PLUS, I spend hours and hours crafting the perfect edits to fit the scenes of the day. This includes photoshopping out exit signs, smoothing skin, whitening teeth, brightening the sun and so much more!

What sets Genevieve Photography apart?

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