Chicago Engagement Photos with Andrea, Brett, and Charlie

A Breathtaking Backdrop for Chicago Engagement Photos

Chicago, with its stunning architecture and vibrant neighborhoods, offers a breathtaking backdrop for capturing the beauty of love. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing winter engagement photos that perfectly captured the magic of this city.

Chicago Engagement Photos at The Wrigley Building and Wells Street Bridge

Our first stop was the iconic Wrigley Building, situated near the Wells Street Bridge. This historic landmark, with its beautiful architecture and timeless charm, provided a classic Chicago setting for our winter engagement photos. Situated in the heart of the modern cityscape, this historic building created timeless Chicago engagement photos for Andrea and Brett within the city. 

North Shore Ave: Pics of Chicago Skyline to Remember 

Next, we explored North Shore Ave, known for its stunning view of Chicago’s skyline. The city’s stunning skyscrapers, coupled with the captivating clouds that captured Chicago’s true essence, were breathtaking. The panoramic view of the skyline, with Lake Michigan twinkling in the foreground, provided a perfect backdrop to capture Andrea and Brett’s love among Chicago’s iconic landmarks.

If you’re looking for the perfect location to capture engagement pics of the Chicago skyline, I highly recommend stopping here! 

A Windy February Day: Engagement Photos Chicago, IL

February 1st greeted us with gorgeous weather. A little cloudy and very windy – especially by the water! The wind added a playful element to our photoshoot, creating natural movement and adding depth to the images. Despite the occasional gusts, Andrea and Brett remained radiant and full of joy, making the most of their time in front of the camera. These two were truly focused on being present with each other and it definitely shows in their photos. 

Capturing photos in windy conditions can be challenging but also rewarding, as it can add a dynamic and dramatic element to your images. I always encourage couples to simply embrace it and allow me to do the magic behind the lens. Needless to say, Andrea and Brett did a fantastic job not letting the wind derail their engagement photos in the windy city.

Meet Charlie: Andrea and Brett’s Four-Legged Fur Baby

Adding to the charm of the day was Charlie, the couple’s adorable puppy. This playful pup brought a lively energy to the photoshoot, even if he did decide to chase after someone at one point – taking me along for the ride as I held onto his leash! It was a hilarious moment that added to the fun and spontaneity of the session.

Here are some suggestions I often suggest to couples when picking out a location for their engagement photos with their dog: choose a dog-friendly location, remember to bring treats and consider having an assistant to keep the dog engaged during individual shots (depending on the dog’s comfortability). In this case, I was able to help with Charlie!

Wedding Plans and New England’s Lakeview Pavilion

Throughout the photoshoot traveling between locations, we had a wonderful time discussing all things wedding. Andrea and Brett are set to tie the knot this July at Lakeview Pavilion, and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their special day. Despite living farther away, it was great to be able to photograph their engagement session in Chicago, setting the stage for their upcoming wedding. 

Needless to say, I will be counting down the days until I can return to this beautiful city to celebrate Andrea and Brett!

A Mini Guide to Planning Your Chicago Engagement Photoshoot

Planning an engagement session in downtown Chicago can be an exciting and memorable experience. Here’s a mini guide to help you plan your Chicago engagement session:

  • Choose a Date and Time: Consider factors such as weather, lighting, and any special events or festivals happening in downtown Chicago.
  • Select a Location: Consider locations such as Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier, The Chicago Riverwalk, or the Magnificent Mile. Choose locations that hold personal significance to you as a couple or showcase the beauty of the city. Check out my blog for best engagement photo locations in Boston!
  • Coordinate with Your Photographer: Once you’ve chosen a date and location, communicate with your photographer to discuss your vision, preferred style, and any specific shots or poses you have in mind. 
  • Plan Your Outfits: Choose outfits that complement each other and reflect your personal style as a couple. Consider the wind when picking out flowy tops and dresses!
  • Consider Transportation: Downtown Chicago can be busy and parking may be limited. Consider using public transportation, rideshare services, or hiring a car service to get to and from your locations efficiently. Allow extra time for travel to account for potential traffic or delays.

Capturing love stories against the backdrop of Chicago’s stunning landscapes is truly a photographer’s dream. Whether it’s the historic charm of the Wrigley Building, the scenic beauty of North Shore Ave, or the playful moments with adorable puppies like Charlie, Chicago offers endless opportunities for creative and memorable photoshoots. I look forward to capturing more love stories in this incredible city and hope to work with many more couples who share a love for Chicago as much as I do! Searching for a photographer for your Chicago wedding or engagement? Get in touch here



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