A Classy Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Proposal | AJ & Oneda

When Arjun reached out to me to help him set up the proposal for Oneda at The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, I was so excited. He was between a few locations but eventually settled on the museum because it was very classy, sophisticated, and trendy, which are all things Oneda is in a nutshell. I had previously photographed the two of them on multiple occasions so it made planning the surprise proposal with me in tow a little easier! It turned out to be the perfect surprise proposal!

man gets on one knee for Essex Peabody Museum proposal

The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem

The Peabody Essex Museum dates back to 1799 when it was founded by the East India Marine Society. The society members brought objects from America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, India, and elsewhere! This became the start of the museum, and it eventually moved into its own building by 1825. The Peabody Essex Museum is the oldest continuously operating and collecting museum in the United States. It now has three campuses and thirty-five buildings, with the main campus in Salem. It made for the perfect classy engagement photo location in Salem! I love the natural light and variety of exhibitions. There’s a perfect photo op around every corner!

Man and woman pose on staircase at Essex Peabody Museum in Salem
Man and woman holding hands at Essex Peabody Museum in Salem

A Classy Museum Proposal

When it came time to make the proposal plans, Arjun asked me to ask Oneda to do a photo shoot at The Peabody Essex Museum. She was super excited and didn’t suspect a thing! We got to the museum and did a regular photoshoot all over the museum. Eventually, we made our way to this large room where there was a huge hanging art piece that emitted light. I posed them and then once we were ready AJ dropped his phone as a sign that he was about to propose! All the while, both of their families had been hiding in the Japanese section next door waiting for this special moment. I posed Oneda to have her back to him and then he got in position. She turned around and the families came out from behind and started clapping and crying! It was so so beautiful! She was crying and in total shock.

Man proposing at Essex Peabody Museum
man and woman kiss after Essex Peabody Museum in Salem proposal

Client Love

“You are a magician and soooo good! Crying all over again. Thank you so much, Genevieve! You have no idea how grateful we are for you!”

Man and woman walk holding hands in front of the Essex Peabody Museum entrance sign

“We got some photos printed from your website and I can’t wait to get them in the mail! Again, thank you so much!”

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Man kissing woman's cheek at Essex Peabody Museum
Couple smiles at each other at Essex Peabody Museum proposal photos
Man and woman pose at museum
Man and woman pose in exhibit at Essex Peabody Museum
Man and woman hold hands at Essex Peabody Museum proposal photoshoot
Man and woman dance together at Essex Peabody Museum
The couple kissed after they got engaged at Essex Peabody Museum in Salem
The bride was surprised at her Essex Peabody Museum proposal
the family surprised the bride-to-be at the Essex Peabody Museum in Salem proposal



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