Choosing a Season for Your Boston Wedding

Recently engaged and trying to find the perfect season for your Boston wedding? Let me introduce myself! I’m Genevieve, your go-to Boston wedding photographer, and I’m here to help you make one of the most exciting decisions on your wedding planning journey – choosing a season to tie the knot in this amazing city. 

Boston is a city with a personality all its own, and each season brings its own unique flavor to your wedding day. From the fresh blooms of spring to the cozy vibes of winter, Boston has it all. In this guide to choosing a season for your Boston wedding, I’ll take you through the qualities of each season, share how you can add a touch of seasonal magic to your photos, and give you some insights on how to make the big decision together as a couple. 

Let’s explore Boston’s seasons together!

Tips for Choosing the Right Season for Your Wedding

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details, let me share a few quick tips to help you choose the season that’s just right for your Boston wedding!

First, consider the weather you envision having on your big day. Whether you’re dreaming of a sunny celebration or a cozy winter wonderland, you can make it happen in Boston. 

Second, think about your favorite seasonal activities and aesthetics, as they can add a personal touch to your special day. I’ll share a few for each season so you can get the full picture!

Finally, keep in mind that, ultimately, it’s your wedding day! If there are sentimental dates, a must-have venue, or VIP guests that must be there, don’t hesitate to take those into account.

Now, let’s explore these tips in more detail as I walk you through choosing a season for your Boston wedding!

Tip 1: Consider the weather. 

Considering the weather in Boston when planning your wedding is essential! With Boston’s wide array of weather, understanding the seasonal patterns can help you decide whether you prefer a warm, sunny celebration or a cozy, snow-kissed affair.

Spring in Boston

Spring in Boston brings pleasant, mild temperatures that are ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. You can enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and lush greenery without the sweltering heat or frigid cold, which is a huge pro!

Spring wedding ceremony in Boston
wedding reception decor for the spring wedding

However, spring can be a bit more unpredictable than the other seasons, so having a backup plan will be a must. Spring is a popular wedding season, so be prepared for higher costs and more limited availability.

Summer in Boston

Boston summers are to die for! Summer offers warm, sunny days, making it the perfect season for outdoor weddings. There are much fewer showers than in spring, and summer days are the longest which gives us extra time for those perfect wedding shots.

summer wedding portraits in Boston

Boston summer days can be quite hot and humid, so if you’re hosting an outdoor event, it’s important to consider shade and water for your guests. Summer is peak wedding season in Boston, so make sure to plan early!

Fall in Boston

Fall is my favorite time in Boston! From the gorgeous fall foliage to the mild temperatures, there’s just something so spectacular about fall in Boston.

bride and groom at their fall wedding

Fall is a popular time to get married in Boston, so there will be increased competition in securing vendors for your wedding day. Plus, fall can be a tad unpredictable weather-wise, and you may experience occasional rain and temperature fluctuations. 

Winter in Boston

It’s no secret that Boston in the winter is like a real-life snow globe! It makes for the perfect cozy and romantic wedding. Winter is typically the off-season in Boston, so you can have an elegant wedding without breaking the bank. 

Bride and groom first look at the Boston wedding
Bride and groom are emotional during the first look

Tip 2: Leverage seasonal elements for picturesque shots.


In the spring, we can take advantage of the vibrant spring blooms, such as tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms, for the backdrop of your wedding photos! Not to mention, these blooms will create stunning floral arrangements, too. 

Bride and groom exiting spring wedding ceremony

Spring is also a great time to embrace soft pastel colors like blush pink, mint green, and sky blue in your decor and attire to reflect the season’s fresh and airy feel. 


Summer is the perfect time to opt for bold and vibrant color schemes like coral, turquoise, and sunny yellow to match the energy of summer. Bright colors look great in Boston! 

Groom kisses bride at the summer wedding in Boston
bride and groom kiss during summer wedding ceremony

Summer sunsets are like no other and make for breathtaking golden-hour shots, too! No matter which venue you choose, we can find a great backdrop for them.


Fall’s rich colors of changing leaves, like deep reds, oranges, and browns, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it easy to incorporate these natural hues into your wedding decor and attire for a cozy and romantic autumn celebration.


In the winter, you can fully embrace the holiday spirit with festive decor, or infuse your wedding with extra romance through the soft glow of candlelight. Additionally, it’s the perfect season to introduce unique textures like velvet and fur, adding a touch of elegance and coziness to your wedding decor.

Bride and groom dance at their Boston winter wedding

Tip 3: Choose a time that suits you as a couple.

When choosing the season for your Boston wedding, don’t forget to take into account your work schedules and any special commitments already on your calendar! Check-in with your VIPs first to ensure their availability. Lastly, don’t forget to think about the season that holds personal meaning for you as a couple, be it when you first met or another significant milestone. 

Ultimately, your wedding should be a reflection of your love story and make you both happy and comfortable. Trust your instincts to select the perfect season for your special day, as it’s a celebration of your unique journey together!

Tip 4: Book your Boston wedding photographer. 

If you’re still in the process of deciding on a season for your Boston wedding, I’m here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out for guidance, like sample wedding photography timelines tailored to each season, as you navigate your decision. Get in touch to start the conversation today!

Each season in Boston offers its own unique charm and beauty for your wedding day. You truly can’t go wrong! Whether you love the blooming flowers of spring, the warmth of summer, the rich colors of autumn, or the winter wonderland, it’s all about choosing what suits you as a couple best. So, as you plan your special day, trust your instincts, embrace the seasonal elements, and get ready for an amazing Boston wedding! 

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